Hans-Jürgen Hartauer

Hans-Jürgen Hartauer has been working as a coach and corporate consultant for different service sectors in hospitality and retail since 1999. Furthermore, he is a successful book author, popular orator and co-founder of Rio-Group-Munich. At the University of Innsbruck, he taught expert-level Tourism Studies with Prof. Weiermeier at the Institute for Business Management. As a coach, he specialises in lifestyle, sales training, easy leading and project development. As the creator of Future Service®, Power Briefing© and Service Scripts, he conducts strategic coaching both at home in his native Germany and abroad.

Nicole Friesenbichler

Originally from Austria, Nicole first stepped out into the world outside her home country and into a world of adventure for a few months after completing the Matura (her secondary school exams), and she did it with a passion that still characterises her today. Back in the mountains and after several seasons of working in operative roles in hotels in, Austria, Germany and other countries, she set to the task of adding the theory to her already great practical knowledge by beginning her studies in tourism management in Munich in 2011.
 After graduating successfully, she helped to build up Talent Garden GmbH, which she stayed at for three years in a senior position. As a qualified trainer and service coach, she now impresses clients from all kinds of industries and countries with her ideas and her technical know-how, and also with her inspiring energy!

Simone Krentel

übernimmt das Projektmanagement in München. Sie strukturiert Abläufe und unterstützt das Team bei der Entwicklung neuer Strategien und Prozesse. Des weiteren ist Sie verantwortlich für viele administrativen Aufgaben. Simone hat zehn Jahre praktische Erfahrung im Tourismus Bereich und hat einen Bachelor of Arts in Tourismus Management von der Hochschule München. Bei Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH vertiefte Sie Ihre Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Finanzen/Controlling/Projektmanagement.