Strategy coaching

Strategy coaching

We live in a flourishing world of services. There are new businesses with innovative designs, extraordinary products and the latest lifestyle trends on every corner. What do all these companies have in common? They tell their customers a story and convey a particular uniqueness or future experience. Business people must understand their customers, because the emotional value of their experiences is playing an ever-greater role.

People are investing more and more in the quality of their lives and their consciousness!

You could compare a company to a watch. It consists of many separate parts and together they form a perfectly functioning unit. In order to guide a business to success, many factors must align with one another. After many years as service and business coach, it has become clear to me that the strategic orientation and concept of a business is of paramount importance. There’s no point in optimising an individual section of a business and forgetting the rest; a unique overall experience must be developed.

Perception and attention

How should the company be perceived? What's the best way to attract attention in the market? Frequently, our answer is: "You win the competition by leaving it." That means that it’s necessary to develop a unique strategy and to connect a story to it. Then, it’s important to make sure that the details of both fit together perfectly. Some examples of the areas that we address in our training are: the overall design, the look-and-feel of the spaces, the uniform of service employees, the company's internet presence and even the importance of eye contact with customers.

To be able to recognise these things as important, you must have an open mind. As a result, new perceptions can be experienced, which will in turn inspire and create a new awareness in relation to the modern world and modern values.

With our valuable strategy coaching, we help you to write your own story or shake up and improve your existing concept.

  • "Man gewinnt den Wettbewerb, indem man ihn verlässt."

    Hans-Jürgen Hartauer auf die Frage, wie am Markt Aufmerksamkeit erzielt werden kann.