We make staff and customers shine!

We’re always aiming for a full house. In the hotel industry, it’s preferable to always have 99% occupancy, to be booked up 365 days a year, to have full shops and, if necessary, an evening occupancy of 3.5 x per table in the restaurant. Whether a highly frequented business offers premium service, lifestyle service or something in between, speedy consultation is just as necessary to success as the provision of top service.

Every concept has to speak its own language. Let's find out together how your optimal service face looks and with which sales strategy we can make your customers and staff shine!

Success is always a consequence of something

In order to be able to provide successful service, we should first learn to understand the world. What makes people tick and how should they be spoken to? iPhones don’t buy iPhones; it's people who decide for or against a purchase.

From product benefit to emotional benefit

The world is changing. Before, we bought things, but now, we shop. We reward ourselves and pay for an emotional benefit. That is the fundamental difference, and it means that it’s no longer about providing a service but about creating an experience.

Seduction instead of care

Traditional service was characterised by care ("Can I help you?", "Did you have a good trip?") and passive buying habits. Customers were guided with questions like, "What can I get you?" or "Anything else?" This approach, however, doesn’t inspire people to buy things.

Proactive instead of passive service

This is our approach! We want to win the game and enrich the customers, creating a win-win situation. We achieve this by addressing customers in a motivational style, intelligently consulting them and, most importantly, leading them proactively through a sale. Our proactive service (with properly applied sales techniques) always works. We’ve already applied this in many different industries. Everything is possible.