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future service sells von Hans-Jürgen Hartauer

future service sells®

Future Service Sells® is based on practise-oriented experiences, it is centred around the subject of service, and it provides insight and instruction on how to meet the changing demands of customers in order to generate the highest possible revenue and success.

Across a total of 264 pages, you will learn the right way to approach sales, with all of the corresponding dos and don'ts. Find out what customers really want, how to react confidently to orders and how to make your products highly sought after. Hans-Jürgen Hartauer shows you that bad service does not occur without reason and that successful service must be properly managed. You can become the best salesperson in your business and your industry, if you so choose.

power briefing von Andrea Grudda und Hans-Jürgen Hartauer

power briefing©

Power Briefing© only takes three minutes per day to do. It’s an innovative method for training, motivating and leading individual employees and whole teams, and it’s a great way to strengthen team spirit at the same time. Short, daily sequences allow the team to be effectively trained and help them to build up their knowledge, skills, confidence and sense of team power.

Power briefings are usually performed every day before a shift begins. All members of the team for that shift come together and stand in a circle, the briefing coach informs everyone about the relevant topics for the shift, be it daily offers, product features or something related to the way certain things must be presented to the public. During the process of power briefings, employees learn how to apply their newly gained knowledge when serving customers, which allows them to maximise on the sales potential available in each sales opportunity. This formula for highly motivated employees is simple, functional, sustainable, easy to implement and a key to increased revenue and profit for any sales-oriented business.

Power Briefing© is an unbeatably effective method for the qualification of employees, especially at a time when the lack of skills in the area of sales is a major cause of the problems many businesses experience.

power briefing für den Modehandel von Andrea Grudda und Hans-Jürgen Hartauer

Power briefing for the fashion industry

A motivated, well-educated and sales-oriented team is the biggest success factor for fashion retail in this time of online shopping and specialist requirements. In this practical manual, you will learn how to playfully guide your employees, step by step to maximum success, with the minimal time investment of just three minutes per day. With innovative power briefings, you can instruct and train your team in an amazingly effective way, sustainably motivate your employees, strengthen their team spirit and sharpen their skills in all sales activities. Salespeople who are well-informed and work with real enthusiasm achieve more sales, inspire better customer satisfaction and contribute to a better atmosphere. This applies in small shops just as it does in large stores with numerous departments. Since Power Briefing© was developed from practise for practise, you can start right away — and achieve outstanding success incredibly fast!