Future service sells coaching

The change from service to energetic exchange

The task in Future Service is to enrich customers with an intelligent, smart and proactive service, as well as to establish a new consciousness. The training instructs your employees on the best ways to handle the customers of today. Service staff are trained to achieve the best presence. They are shown how to present a strong and positive personality ("sexy") to the customer, and top sales know-how ("fit") is developed at the same time.

In every part of the coaching, the focus is always on the customer!

The coaching is divided into three parts

Here, it's all about new consciousness: new people, new societies, new economy and new values. What kind of impact does this have on sales and service? Only those who understand the new types of people can be successful in the future.

Out of "Sexy" we derive future sales and service. Here, it's all about personality, the first point of contact, communication, perfect eye contact, 360-degree observation, the powerhouse stance and, last but not least, charm. We move away from supervisory service and toward energetic exchange.

We move away from passive service and towards proactive service. It’s about professional and fast consultations and the equally fast transfer of product information. At the same time, the world's three most correct and effective sales techniques are shared and explained.