Power Briefing

Motivate your team and guide them to consistently perform at their best

We were able to determine that employees are the most motivated when they feel that they have mastered their jobs and have the opportunity to show their professional expertise and skills in empathy.

Power briefings are unique interactive briefings that we’ve developed, which should be conducted by your team on a daily basis. The investment in these briefings (which are approximately 3 minutes long) is repaid in abundance. Your employees will be wide awake, increase their service and sales activities, improve their team spirit and be trained in the clearly defined new standards in a playful way.

Our books, Power Briefing for Gastronomy and Power Briefing for Fashion Retail were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Many well-known companies and brands, for example, Lufthansa Lounges, Robinson Club, INJOY Fitness, Restaurant Brenner and Louis & Cortina Hotel, are already using our unique tools and leading their teams to greatness.

Please check out our References page to find out who we’ve helped so far.


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    power briefing

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