Service Script

Create a service face for your business

The internalisation of Future Service Sells® is the first step. What follows is the planning and subsequent guidance of the implementation.

Every attractive and modern service, whether it be in a shop, a restaurant or any service-centred business, captivates customers with its own style. Are you the casual, Italian barista in a cafe or the cool, urban trend-advisor in a shop? Only with a unique service script can your strategic concept be fully realised. Don’t simply provide good service for your customers, transport them to a different world! When visiting an Italian café, a customer doesn't simply want a cup of coffee like one they might get at a supermarket café, they want to feel la dolce vita! That’s the reason we’ve developed the service script; it gives a face and a direction to the service aspect of a company.

Using a service script means that every employee has a reliable guideline and the means to personally embody the total concept. As a result, service becomes measurable, trainable and controllable. New employees can be professionally trained with the script, and experienced employees will be kept on the right service-concept track.

This is how lots of service faces and strategies have been created, for example, at L'Osteria, Hans im Glück, Ludwig Beck, McYes for McDonald's, Service for Value for the Club Robinson or New York Spirit for the Brenner Restaurant in Munich.

The service script is the key to precise and sales-oriented service.